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Since 2015, the sneakers industry has seen a big increase in sales. This is mainly attributed to the arrival of social media and its influence. Celebrity collaborations have also been wildly successful and it just keeps on growing! Another phenomenon that the industry has observed is the resale of shoes on the secondary market. The technology has allowed people to buy thousands of pairs of shoes at the time of its release to resell them 2 or 3 or even 5 times the price.

This practice is now widespread throughout the world and moreover, physical stores have emerged from these practices. These same stores are passing the bill to consumers who will pay a higher price for the same product that was selling for 5x less at the time of its release. This same practice has naturally created a scarcity for certain types of shoes and this is what makes the same shoe exclusive and very difficult to get, even if you can afford it.

In the first few years, the price difference between the price at the time of the shoe’s release and the retailer’s price was acceptable considering its exclusivity. Afterwards, we observed a disproportionate increase that was beyond the consumer’s budget. The pressure quickly mounted on customers and they began to look for alternatives.


Companies like Nike & Adidas all deal with overseas factories. For example, factory A would produce the shoes for $40.00USD while factory B would produce them for $37.00USD. Then at the end of the term with Factory A, Nike might decide to move to Factory B. This is a common practice in all industries. Everyone is looking for the best price!

So when factory A is no longer mandated, they will still continue to produce and sell the product to other companies like us. We can say that it is the same shoe, the same quality and the same material. However, the major difference between a mandated factory and a non-mandated one is the quality control. There may be minor imperfections such as excess glue on the sole or a missing accessory. That’s why Sneaker Burger exchanges free of charge any pair with major imperfections such as discoloration, tears or other major and apparent defects.

This is how the UA sneakers became very popular and the consumer now has a very affordable alternative. They can now choose to pay 4-5x the price at the store or at an independent retailer or buy a UA shoe and save a lot of money and have the same pair in his feet!


Well, first of all, we ain’t no Amazon Prime. Do not expect your sneakers to arrive to your door next time. Although that would be awesome! Ordering UA sneakers requires patience. Don’t worry, you will not get your sneakers in 6 months, we tend to lower our customers expectations. Most fashion stores ships quickly because they have a full inventory nearby you live.

Sneaker Burger has 2 warehouses in Canada, 1 in USA and 2 overseas. Which means that your order will be shipped from the closest location who has it. Let’s take a look on how the shipping process work.