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If you desire to resemble a skater, Vault By Vans has the perfect solution for you.

Quiet luxury has taken new heights in 2023, as the wealthy have begun to dress themselves in more simple, albeit still exorbitantly expensive pieces. And while most of us can’t quite afford Loro Piana at retail, we do still have the opportunity to dress down, as pre-distressed sneakers are now a prolific commodity thanks to the likes of Jordan Brand, Golden Goose, and several other brands.
With their latest rendition of the Slip-On, Vault By Vans is participating in the trend in a way true to their heritage. Drawing inspiration from well-loved shoes, the pair features several different details that make it appear as if it’s been heavily skated in. This extends beyond the scuffed sole, as the leather on display has not only been treated with a subtle patina but also patched at various points with black duct tape.
If you’re wanting to look like you’ve been skating for years, these Slip-Ons might be for you. Enjoy a closer look at the shoes ahead as we await word on when it’ll be available stateside.
In other news, the Yeezy Boost 700 v2 Static is returning later this week.

Photos via Billy’s Tokyo

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