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Mids from Nike extend the Panda Dunk trend

Even with Nike’s repeated restocks of the Panda Dunks, the Swoosh can’t seem to stay away from the white/black colorway that has taken the casual sneaker scene by storm two years ago.
Arriving soon is the middle sibling and oft-overlooked trim of the Dunk with the ubiquitous colorway. Utilizing the same all-leather upper build, Nike has applied the two-toned look to the Mid-cut trim of the model. These are certainly a personal taste thing more than anything else, because Panda Dunk Lows are readily available on both the grey market as well as on Nike’s retail plans. Given that reality, a Dunk Mid “Panda” seems a bit inane.
Still, with Panda Dunks still being in demand, we can easily see these clear out of store shelves. Mids can be a bit easier to wear compared to Highs, and skaters who desire more ankle protection may find these viable as well.
Currently, a release date is unknown, but you can expect these soon for $115.

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