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Off-White x Nike: The Game-Changing Collaboration

In the dynamic world of fashion and sportswear, collaborations between high-end designers and athletic brands have become increasingly common. These partnerships often bring a fresh perspective to sports-inspired fashion, blurring the lines between function and style. One of the most iconic and influential collaborations of recent years is the partnership between Off-White and Nike. This unlikely pairing has not only reshaped the sneaker industry but has also set new standards for creativity and innovation in fashion. Let’s take a closer look at how the Off-White collaboration with Nike got its start.

Virgil Abloh: The Visionary Behind Off-White

To understand the genesis of this groundbreaking collaboration, we must first delve into the creative mind of Virgil Abloh. Virgil Abloh, a Chicago-born designer, DJ, and entrepreneur, founded Off-White in 2012. Off-White quickly gained recognition for its distinctive approach to design, characterized by its use of quotation marks, zip ties, and bold graphics. Abloh’s ability to blend streetwear with high fashion elements garnered him a reputation as a visionary in the industry.

The “The Ten” Collection: A Game-Changing Concept

The Off-White and Nike collaboration, famously known as “The Ten,” was born out of a simple but revolutionary idea. Virgil Abloh sought to deconstruct and reimagine ten iconic Nike silhouettes. These chosen models ranged from classics like the Air Jordan 1 to contemporary favorites like the Nike Presto. Abloh’s design philosophy was to strip these sneakers down to their essential elements and then rebuild them with a deconstructed, almost unfinished aesthetic.

The Launch: Surprise and Hype

The debut of “The Ten” collaboration was nothing short of sensational. In September 2017, Abloh surprised the world by showcasing the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This unconventional launch location reinforced Abloh’s commitment to blurring the boundaries between fashion, art, and design. The entire collection was displayed on a stark white backdrop, emphasizing the intricate details of each shoe.

Virgil Abloh’s Personal Connection

What made “The Ten” collaboration even more special was Virgil Abloh’s personal connection to Nike. He had a genuine affinity for the brand, stemming from his own experiences growing up as a teenager obsessed with sneakers. This deep-seated passion for Nike allowed Abloh to infuse his designs with a level of authenticity and nostalgia that resonated with sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

A Cultural Phenomenon

“The Ten” collection was an instant hit, sparking unprecedented demand and hype. The limited availability of these sneakers and their unique design approach created a frenzy in the sneaker and streetwear communities. Resale prices skyrocketed, making “The Ten” some of the most sought-after sneakers in the market.

Continuing the Legacy

Following the success of “The Ten,” Virgil Abloh and Nike continued their partnership with subsequent releases and new designs. They explored different themes, materials, and colorways, maintaining the high level of creativity that had become synonymous with the collaboration.

Legacy and Influence

The Off-White x Nike partnership has left an indelible mark on the fashion and sneaker industries. It has influenced not only the way sneakers are designed but also how collaborations are approached. “The Ten” showed that sportswear giants like Nike could collaborate with high-end fashion labels like Off-White to create products that transcend trends and become cultural icons.


The Off-White collaboration with Nike is a testament to the power of creative vision and the impact it can have on the world of fashion and sneakers. Virgil Abloh’s unique approach to design, his personal connection to Nike, and the daring concept of “The Ten” collection all played pivotal roles in shaping this collaboration’s success. As we continue to see new collaborations emerge in the fashion world, “The Ten” remains a shining example of how the fusion of different worlds can lead to groundbreaking results, forever changing the landscape of fashion and footwear.