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The exclusive Air Force 1 Low “TINAJ” release by Nike exemplifies the virtual-to-real-life journey.

Although the NFT bubble is inching closer to a complete burst, a small pocket of the community has the potential to thrive while the rest dissipates into thin, virtual air. The key to longevity is utility: For example, if you are part of the Sneaker News Collector Club and possess a SNKR FRENS NFT, you’ll get early and/or under-retail access to weekly sneaker releases, first dibs at some exclusive freebies/giveaways, and more.
Nike launched its own Air Force 1-inspired NFT collection within the walls of its own unique ecosystem called .SWOOSH. Officially called Our Force 1, this virtual collection allowed sneakerheads to build up their own stash of non-fungible Air Force 1s for $19.82 a-piece, with distinct colorways varying in rarity. Beyond the fun of creating a shoe collection, Nike’s Our Force 1 program also promised access to some future product and experiences, and it all culminates with the release of a physical shoe – the Air Force 1 Low “TINAJ”. Any dotSWOOSH member who purchased an OF1 box will be eligible to purchase the limited-edition sneaker; It will not release on any other platform.
As the first physical product release on dotSWOOSH, the TINAJ (This Is Not A Jpeg) release demonstrates the virtual-to-IRL pathway and how Nike plans to utilize the new-age platform to expand the consumer experience. Other virtual collections of iconic Nike silhouettes are likely to come, leading to other dotSWOOSH-exclusive physical releases.
The Air Force 1 Low “TINAJ” will be available to purchase via SNKRS Exclusive Access on October 20th for $120, exclusively to dotSWOOSH members who purchased and revealed an OF1 Box.

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