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The MSCHF AC2 transforms orthopedic boots into slides.

“The MSCHF AC1 limped so the MSCHF AC2 could run.”
That’s how MSCHF, the subversive Brooklyn-based art collective, has introduced its latest project. Visually, the silhouette shares components and colors with the iconic AirCast Walking Boot, but the AC2 enjoys a much shorter trim. The change in design takes the footwear option one step further from its medical origins, as was MSCHF’s intention with the AC1 as well. The ankle-less pair features a molded neoprene liner that works in-tandem with lightweight EVA and MSCHF’s patented WOWCOMFY!® technology for a comfortable ride. A LEVERACTION TONGUE® – made possible via an elastic and velcro closure – brings unrivaled flexibility to the Brooklyn-based brand’s slides offering. Lastly, a rubber outsole underfoot rounds out the style, bringing reliable grip to the AC2.
Enjoy official photos of the pair ahead, as you wait to try your luck via mschf.com and the MSCHF Sneakers app on Tuesday, August 22nd.
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Photos via MSCHF

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