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The Nike Cortez ’72 Has Been Revived in a White-On-White Presentation.

It doesn’t get more “classic Nike” than a pair of the Cortez. This running shoe from 1972, since transformed as one of the most street-valid sneakers in history, is enjoying a bit of a comeback in 2023 largely due to the consumer demand for lower-priced yet stylish footwear.
Stripped of bells and whistles, the Cortez ’72 apears in a full leather build, from the primary upper body to the sharktoothed edges of the lace collar. From the interior lining down to the bottom soles, this Nike Cortez is completely white, ready to take on whatever dirt and grime may come up from the pavement. However, a bit of gaudy accessorizing appears via the metallic silver lace dubrae.
This Nike Cortez is set to arrive very soon for $90; don’t expect these to sit for too long.

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