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The Nike LeBron 21 “Purple Rain” sees King James embracing his inner Prince.

With the release of the Nike LeBron 21 just around the corner, LeBron James is beginning to tease many a forthcoming colorway of his upcoming signature.
First teased at the tail end of July, the Nike LeBron 21 evolves the low-top concept introduced with its direct predecessor, all the while ostensibly borrowing from some of the late Kobe Bryant’s own sneakers. And in addition to the patent-constructed style introduced last month, the model will arrive in a colorway inspired by one of the most iconic songs of all-time: “Purple Rain.”
It’s no secret that LeBron is a fan of Prince, as the athlete previously dressed up as the artist for Halloween. His passions are able to take new shape thanks to this LeBron 21, whose purple and yellow arrangement nods to not only the song itself but also the Lakers’ signature colors. Its design, however, is owed much more to the former, as the graphic layered atop the insole is a direct nod to the late rock and roll legend.
Enjoy a closer look at the Nike LeBron 21 “Purple Rain” right here. While a release date has not yet been confirmed, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing these sometime during the second half of 2023.

Photos: @kingjames

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