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The Reebok ES 22 Signature Shoe by Emmitt Smith is experiencing a resurgence.

Throughout his hall-of-fame career and record-breaking achievements, Reebok was right alongside Emmitt Smith’s relentless ground game. Receiving his first signature silhouette in 1997, Smith’s Reebok ES 22 bore witness to three Super Bowl championships, 8 Pro Bowl wins and thousands of rushing yards. After receiving its first reissue in 2012, the iconic high-top model is officially making a comeback.
Initially revealed via Reebok’s Instagram page, the circa ’97 model is expected to return in true to form specs, boasting full-grain leather, a Hexalite cushioning system and turf-inspired outsole. Having been dusted off from the archives after 11 years, the football-ready model is planning to reintroduce its OG monochrome ensemble from its late 90s installment.
While release details have yet to be revealed, check out Reebok’s official announcement of the pair below.
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